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We want to assist our clients in implementing cutting-edge tools and technology into their businesses to gain a competitive edge. No matter which service you choose from us, we promise to develop a unique response for your company while meeting its particular requirements. Our web application experts are skilled in utilizing cutting-edge technology when creating solutions based on them, whether they are used for website or app development.

Our Service USP

We at TAS Technologies work hard to provide you with clever solutions that will grab consumers' interest and result in better user engagement. Our experts use the most recent technology and keep up with the most recent web app development techniques as they design solutions for you.

What We Offer


Platform Development for the Web

Web applications are now essential, regardless of the kind, nature, goods, or services a business provides. The importance of having a good web application cannot be overstated. We specialise in developing bespoke web-based applications and meeting the various needs of our clients.


Development of bespoke applications

Focusing on building web applications that are specific to your company's requirements, TAS Technologies. By drawing more users to the web app, our custom web app development Mississauga services could help you increase sales and revenue.


Booking Engine Online

We have acquired the expertise and skills necessary to create a user-friendly and reliable online booking system, regardless of whether it is a ticket booking system or another type. By adding all required functionality, our app integration services raise the bar of user experience.


Designing responsive applications

We can create amazing and responsive designs for your web application using our experience. To reach users of various devices, our apps are dynamically created to run on numerous platforms, whether they be mobile or desktop.


Travel and Tour Applications

We work to satisfy the needs and expectations of the travel industry by creating web applications. We design user-friendly tour and travel apps and integrate cutting-edge features and capabilities to make them more sophisticated.


Services Using the Cloud

With the use of cloud-based services, TAS Technologies streamlines your digital activities, particularly those of your company. We pledge to give you the greatest amount of flexibility possible with our top-notch cloud-based services.

Our Service Process

Being the top custom web app development company in Mississauga, we work closely with our customers to learn about their needs and further evaluate them so that plans for the following steps may be formed appropriately.

This stage is very significant because it specifies what must be done and in what order so that work may be completed effectively.

In order to obtain a sense of the app that is currently being built, we create a mock-up. Client approval is sought at this phase, and once we have it, the procedure moves on to the next stage.

The development of the final web app utilizing the verified prototype as the foundation for frontend and backend code is where much of the magic happens.

Before the programme is uploaded and deployed on the server, tests are run on a number of checkpoints to guarantee its quality and operation.

We continue to work with our clients after the web application is made available to the public to make sure that no problems arise. We are also always available to ensure that upgrades happen without incident.