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Search Engine Optimization is one of the best solutions for ranking higher on search engines. SERPS (Search Engine Results Page) is where consumers go looking and find businesses to provide them with products and services. SEO allows your business website to have exclusivity by using techniques to reach a certain audience. These techniques include metadata, geotags and keyword solutions just to name a few. Over the years, ranking factors have seen many alterations and it’s more than just having a good-looking website. User experience tends to stick out as one of the motivating factors throughout a customer’s journey.

Here at TAS Technologies, we are looking to creating SEO solutions that look at unique ways to reach audiences. We look at your business, goals, competitors, target audience and then help develop a suitable solution specific to your business. The main goal is increasing conversion rates, ROI and establishing a competitive advantage with every SEO solution. This is accomplished through organic traffic and off-page activities. No matter your business, SEO campaigns are personalized to match your target audience and meet your goals.

SEO Focused Design

For us, optimizing content and backlinks go hand in hand with using your design to the fullest. We use a successful design to elevate your SEO solutions and increase the processes along the customer journey.

PPC Handling

Pay Per Click (PPC) is a conversion orientated technique. When used correctly, you can understand the positives of optimizing your landing page and properly handling your PPC to increase traffic and leads. We utilize PPC to understand the quality of your position on search engines.

Local SEO

Stats show that over 95% of consumers go online to find local or nearby services. TAS implements SEO strategies to improve local presence and increase your ranking within local parameters.

E-Commerce SEO

Shopping in the digital world is the way of the present and will continue to be into the future. Specifying certain aspects of your online shop with SEO can help reach the correct consumer base, and provide a unique standout from your competitors.

Magneto SEO

The reliance on Magneto continues to expand as its platform is one of the best. We can provide SEO solutions to optimize Magneto and deliver the best online results for your company.

Tas Technologies Seo Strategies




The beginning stages of this SEO strategy includes an in-depth analysis of your website, trying to underly which areas can be improved. Understanding these areas will be crucial as it helps sets the stage for the goals of your business and sustaining growth. We deep dive with your business directly as well, as gaining your perspective can help better clarify these goals. We proceed to analyzing your traffic and reach, current ranking and an overview of your SWOT analysis.



Having a competitive advantage is ideal in improving your website ranking for SEO. The efficiency of your site is determined by using advanced tools. We initially run a site crawl using such tools like SEMrush or Moz. This helps us assess everything about your site, from user experience to content to your URL. We use the audit process to then fix any issues within the sites structure and improve your rank on all search engines.

Technical Audit

Technical Audit

Improving page speed and keeping your designs consistent is another important aspect. We minimize your CSS & JavaScript plugins to improve overall loading speed. It’s also recommended to avoid third party tools that contain blocking or anything that halts some aspects of the website from running.

Understanding The Competiton

Understanding The Competiton

It’s well known that competitor analysis is a standard in being a major player in any industry. Analyzing your competitor’s strategy can help you be unique, and elaborate on what you should do to improve and sustain your ranking. Using figures and data can also help implement what changes you should make to increase overall business growth and make your SEO more effective.

Competitors Link Audit

Competitors Link Audit

Overall, keywords, meta tags and even backlinks are the biggest factors for ranking position. Filtering links with high page authority and relevance are the best spot for backlinking, rather than plastering your website everywhere without any research.

On-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization

Indexing Your Website

Webmaster tool is used to have your webpage indexed. Indexing is requested and may take some time to be looked over. Indexing is essential for your business being noticed in the digital world.

White Hat Techniques

White hat techniques are SEO tactics used that work within the terms and conditions of SERPS. Some are well-known such as faster loading time and being device friendly. Others include appropriately backlinking your website with relevant domains and directories.

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SEO Factoids

  • 93% of online activities start on a search engine
  • 3 out of 4 people never click past the first page of a SERP
  • Almost 50% of all searches are local
  • Over 60% of businesses say SEO presence is one of their major marketing priorities
  • On average, over half of website traffic comes from organic searches
  • SEO leads are 8 times more likely to become paying customer
  • 43% of organic clicks go to the #1 spot on the results page

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