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The best mobile app development firm in Mississauga is TAS Technologies. Our business develops more intelligent iOS, Android, iPad, Tablet, and React Native apps for phones across a variety of categories. Our area of expertise is creating user-focused mobile apps, and we have years of experience in this area. We strive to turn your concepts into a marketable product.

Mobile-first approaches are becoming more and more important for enterprises as smartphones and high-speed internet become more widely used. One of the most reputable mobile app developers in Mississauga, Canada, TAS Technologies offers top-notch services for mobile app design, development, and testing.

Our Service USP

Through our collaboration with our customers, we ensure that their end users have a very personalized mobile experience and feel more connected to their individual brands, which boosts sales. We collaborate with our clients from the start in order to put a successful mobile strategy in place for them.

What We Offer


Android App Creation

Our Android app developers employ the Android SDK and excellent platform-specific technology to provide the best performance and functionality. Our dynamic, feature-rich, and high-functioning apps may provide your company an advantage over rivals.


iPhone App Creation

We specialize in developing iOS applications for iPhone, iPad, and other Apple products using technologies, capabilities, and integrations that are unique to iOS. We're the top mobile app development firm in Mississauga because to our proficiency in iOS app development.


UI/UX Design for Mobile Apps

Our UI/UX specialists create responsive, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly apps that complement the brands of our clients. The most recent technologies are used by our designers to guarantee a fantastic user experience on all fronts.


Hybrid Development

We design and create hybrid apps that are of exceptional quality, have a wealth of features, are user-centric, and function flawlessly across all platforms. You may make your software available to your clients regardless of the platform they use thanks to our experience in hybrid app development.

Our Service Process

Being the top custom web app development company in Mississauga, we work closely with our customers to learn about their needs and further evaluate them so that plans for the following steps may be formed appropriately.

This stage is very significant because it specifies what must be done and in what order so that work may be completed effectively.

In order to obtain a sense of the app that is currently being built, we create a mock-up. Client approval is sought at this phase, and once we have it, the procedure moves on to the next stage.

The development of the final web app utilizing the verified prototype as the foundation for frontend and backend code is where much of the magic happens.

Before the programme is uploaded and deployed on the server, tests are run on a number of checkpoints to guarantee its quality and operation.

We continue to work with our clients after the web application is made available to the public to make sure that no problems arise. We are also always available to ensure that upgrades happen without incident.